English Conversation Classes in London

Our English Conversation Classes are a great way to get some extra ‘talk time’. They take place every day and last for an hour.

You can either top up your General English class by adding an extra hour of conversation a day, or just drop in for an hour a day no matter what other course you’re doing with us.

Class Books

You must buy the correct book for your chosen English course. You can buy the book for your course when you arrive in London from the library in our Holborn Centre.

Class Size

Monday-Friday: 12:05-13:05; 13:10-14:10; or 14:15-15:15

Class Size: Maximum 22

Weekly Hours: 5 hours

Class Venue

Classes take place in one of our three buildings located in the Holborn area.

Course Options

Select the number of weeks and class time you prefer.

12:15-15:15 (1 Hour) 
15:20-18:30 (1 Hour) 
1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 20
£45 £90 £135 £180 £175 £210 £280 £300 £360 £420 £480 £540
£40 £80 £120 £160 £150 £180 £240 £250 £300 £350 £400 £460

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One-to-One English

This course is not accredited by the British Council

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Online English Lessons

This course is not accredited by the British Council.

If you can’t find the right English teacher for you where you live, don’t worry! The miracle of modern technology makes it possible for us to conduct one-to-one classes anywhere in the world with you via Skype. Imagine not having to move from the comfort of your living room, just turn on your computer or tablet and class can begin!

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This course is not accredited by the British Council

The English and Work programme is designed for students who want to spend time in the United Kingdom to improve their language skills and widen their cultural horizons by participating in paid and unpaid work placements. This is only available to EU students.

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